Common Sports Injuries

May 5, 2021

Sports injuries are sports-related trauma resulting from acute injuries and overuse, which cause an immediate pain sensation, discomfort or loss of function that can result in the athlete being sidelined. They occur during sports-related activities, including exercise during practice and during play. According to Wikipedia, the following are common sports injuries:

  • Concussion – caused by severe head trauma where the brain moves violently within the skull so that brain cells all fire at once, much like a seizure
  • Muscle Cramps – a sudden tight, intense pain caused by a muscle locked in spasm. Muscle cramps are also recognized as an involuntary and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax
  • ACL Sprains – The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a ligament involved in knee stabilization. An ACL rupture can occur when the foot is planted and the knee twists to change direction.
  • ACL Tears – The anterior cruciate ligament; one of four major knee ligament necessary for comfortable knee movement, tears, causing major pain and causes the knee to “give out”. The knee ACL can tear for a number of reasons causing the knee to never be the same.
  • Ankle Sprain – The ligaments that hold the ankle bones in place can easily be overstretched.
  • Shin Splints – The tissue that attaches the muscles of your lower leg to the shin bone may be pulling away from the bone, or it may be inflamed from overuse.
  • Muscle Strains – tears in muscle that cause pain and loss of function

(Source: Wikipedia,

Are you suffering from a sports injury?

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