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Is Your Pain Interfering With
Sports & Recreation?

Is Your Pain Interfering With
Sports & Recreation?

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  • Want to Return to Sports as Fast as Possible?
  • Want to Avoid Unnecessary Drugs & Surgery?
  • Tired of Being Treated Like a Number?
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Did You Know That Not All
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We Understand It’s Difficult to Know If You’re Choosing The Right Physical Therapist.

  • Our Doctors of Physical Therapy Played Sports and Now Rehabilitate High School, Collegiate, & Professional Athletes
  • Since 2008, We’ve Been Caring For Active Adults & Athletes In The East Valley
  • Diamondback Physical Therapy Supports Local Baseball & Sporting Organizations

Sports Rehab & Performance

Patient Success Stories

  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    My therapists at Diamondback always kept a sharp eye on my progress, and would change my exercises and goals to ensure that it kept moving forward

    Mike Fitzgerald
    Captain F/V Blue North

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    I strongly believe I would not be where I am today with my knee if it had not been for the exercises and support of Diamondback Physical Therapy.

    Derre F

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    I am very grateful for the attention and time Diamondback Physical Therapy dedicated to my recovery.

    Nicolas Gallego

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    Diamondback PT was instrumental in getting me to the place I am today. The whole staff is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and kind, making it the best place to keep me on the field!

    Benjamin Thompson
    Atlanta Braves

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    Diamondback PT is always my first call with any injury concerns and was a huge part in me getting serious about my core strength and fitness level. Along the way he has become a close friend and a valued mentor to me!

    Garret Thornton
    University of Texas Permian Basin

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    I completely trust Diamondback PT with my care. I am back to playing and coaching and could not be more grateful for my experience I had here.

    Cassandra Guidice
    Occidental College

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    Diamondback PT is one of the main reasons I am able to stay healthy in order to pitch at a high level and feel my best. Widd and the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and they provide first class treatment and service to all patients.

    Justin Fall
    Sun Devil Baseball

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  • Physical Therapy Gilbert AZ

    Diamondback PT offered first class professional service with an extremely friendly staff. I trusted the entire team at Diamondback Therapy to get me back on the field as quick as possible in a safe manner.

    Drew Swift
    Sun Devil Baseball

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Over 10,000 treatments
since 2008

More About Physical Therapy

771 Ankle/Feet 2382 Knees 586 Hips 608 Elbows 1649 Backs 341 Hands/Wrists 767 Necks 2477 Shoulders Ankle/Feet 771 Knees 2382 Hips 586 Elbows 608 Backs 1649 Hands/Wrists 341 Necks 767 Shoulders 2477

The Recovery Process

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