experience you can trust

experience you can trust

Welcome to Diamondback Physical Therapy!

We provide complete general physical care, with a speciality in athletic injury rehabilitation.
We look forward to being a part of your recovery!

  • Complete General Physical Therapy Care
  • Improve Endurance and Eliminate Common Physical Problems
  • Best Sports-Focused Physical Therapy Programs
  • Perfect Choice For a Return to Optimal Daily Living
  • Returning Athletes to an Improved Level Of Competitive Sports
  • 2 Convenient Locations in the East Valley

Sports Rehab & Performance

Over 10,000 treatments
since 2008

More About Physical Therapy

771 Ankle/Feet 2382 Knees 586 Hips 608 Elbows 1649 Backs 341 Hands/Wrists 767 Necks 2477 Shoulders