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"I’ve been a client here since my hip replacement surgery in December and am so happy and pleased at how well the therapists have done in making me whole again. They are professional and have given me the confidence that I can walk normally again and have my life back. Thanks to everyone there. My heartiest recommendation!"
Feb 14, 2022
"I had a total shoulder replacement in June 2021, and with the help of the Diamondback Team, I have better range of motion than I did for the past 17 years.......and NO pain. You have to do your homework, but Jeff, Widd & Winn made sure I was taking it step by step. Great experience with a very knowledgeable Team. Everyone at Diamondback had a part in my better than expected recovery, Great Job, and Thanks So Much! "
Dec 07, 2021
"Wow what can we say about this company. For one they are THE BEST. I recommend them with the highest recommendations ever. My Daughter was a patient and she loved them. The whole crew was extremely careful with her and told what to do at home as well. I can go on and on about them. I really appreciate all of you and we both will miss y’all!"
Nov 23, 2021

Diamondback PT offered first class professional service with an extremely friendly staff. I trusted the entire team at Diamondback Therapy to get me back on the field as quick as possible in a safe manner.

Drew Swift
Sun Devil Baseball

Diamondback PT is one of the main reasons I am able to stay healthy in order to pitch at a high level and feel my best. Widd and the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and they provide first class treatment and service to all patients.

Justin Fall
Sun Devil Baseball

I completely trust Diamondback PT with my care. I am back to playing and coaching and could not be more grateful for my experience I had here.

Cassandra Guidice
Occidental College

Diamondback PT is always my first call with any injury concerns and was a huge part in me getting serious about my core strength and fitness level. Along the way he has become a close friend and a valued mentor to me!

Garret Thornton
University of Texas Permian Basin

Diamondback PT was instrumental in getting me to the place I am today. The whole staff is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and kind, making it the best place to keep me on the field!

Benjamin Thompson
Atlanta Braves

My experience with Diamondback Physical Therapy has been nothing but positive. I had full MCL replacement surgery on my knee , after injuring it in an ATV rollover accident in November. When I arrived at DPT, I was in pain, and unsure of my future. I am a captain on the Bering Sea, and it is a physically demanding job. My rehabilitation of my knee was excellent. My therapists at Diamondback always kept a sharp eye on my progress, and would change my exercises and goals to ensure that it kept moving forward. Just as important is the atmosphere, and professionalism of all the employees, they kept the equipment clean, and made it a welcome part of my day. It has now been 6 months, I have full strength, no pain, and I am able to return to sea, climb ladders, stairs, and balance on the rough seas. I am very grateful for everyone at Diamondback Physical Therapy, and would recommend highly for anyone that requires therapy!"

Mike Fitzgerald
Captain F/V Blue North

I am a 56 year old female who started a hobby late in life, that hobby, SCUBA DIVING. My husband and I took lessons and got certified in 2014. I love to dive! While in the water, it doesn't require much for strength. It is peaceful and calm and quite lovely. It does require a bit of strength in your legs to get back in the boat, climbing a latter, out of the water with tanks on your back.

In 2016, I started to have pain in my knee which was attributed to arthritis. This pain continued to progress over time and I followed several treatments starting with over the counter meds like Motrin, next was PT, then Rx Meds, then Hyaluronic Acid injections and ended up with a complete knee replacement in March of 2020.

I started at Diamond Back Physical Therapy on the 5th day following surgery. I attended 3 times per week for 10 weeks. When I went to my Surgeon for my 2 month follow-up, he was VERY pleased with my progress and my flexibility. The Surgeon was shooting for 115-120 degree bend and I reached 124 degrees. At that 2 month visit, he released me from his care and any further PT with the caveat that should I need it in the future, I could always request PT again. I continue my own workout at home and at my community gym and my knee is getting stronger each day. I strongly believe I would not be where I am today with my knee if it had not been for the exercises and support of Diamondback Physical Therapy.

I can't wait until all travel restrictions are over so I am able to travel and SCUBA DIVE again!

Derre F

I have played sports all my life. A couple months ago I injured my right shoulder. My doctor recommended therapy. Diamondback Physical Therapy helped me with my injury. My goal was to recover to play tournaments again. All the staff was friendly and professional. They helped me step by step in recovering my shoulder. I am very grateful for the attention and time Diamondback Physical Therapy dedicated to my recovery and I recommend them.

Nicolas Gallego

Diamondback Physical Therapy is a friendly, professional and caring therapy office. I used them in 2009 for my herniated discs and didn't hesitate to go back to them in August 2010 for bursitis in my hips. The entire staff always has smiles on their faces and a willingness to help or answer questions. Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere else for therapy.


When I found out I needed knee replacement in both knees, my orthopedic surgeon and several people told me the key to a successful replacement was the quality of both the surgery and the physical therapy the patient received. I visited three physical therapists near our home. Diamondback Physical Therapy was the third visit. I knew when I walked in the door that this was the one I'd choose. The friendly, professional care, the "Great" family atmosphere, and the knowledge to help the patient get well is what impressed me.

Dr. Widd Workman told me on the first visit, "If you do the things I tell you and tolerate a little ache and pain we will have you back to normal in record time." Some days I wondered about him. One day he took the walker away from me and had me walk the length of the hallway. I never used the walker after that.

I'm grateful to the staff and everyone at Diamondback Physical Therapy. I have two very good knees and can play Bocce Ball and Golf with no pain. I'm able to do odd jobs around home and travel normally. I lead an active life.

Dan Morrissey

My rehabilitation at Diamondback Physical Therapy encourages me to safely reach further than I would on my own. Josh, Denise, and Jeff know my physical limits and optimize the exercises, stretches, and manual therapy to speed my recovery and return to full functional capacity. The facility is comfortable with an atmosphere of family and people who care about patients and their progress.

Sarah Fahey

WONDERFUL STAFF, very professional, warm with a great sense of humor. Very friendly environment. I loved this place! It was the staff that really made me better. They cared about me and were there for me at every step of my treatment. I had two separate locked shoulders and did not hesitate to go back for treatment of the second one as it felt like home, going back to a family where I knew I would be in good hands. Thank you for all your help!

Cathy Perry