Golf Performance Evaluation & Fitness Program

Take your game to the next level!

As an avid golfer and life-long athlete himself, Winn Workman, DPT oversees our Golf Performance Evaluation & Fitness Program. Winn is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified professional who will evaluate your whole body to develop a program to optimize your performance on the golf course. Winn combines the Titleist Performance Institute, Board Certified Physical Therapy, Video Swing Assessment and SuperSpeed Golf Training Clubs to create a customized Golf Performance plan for you to work on mobility, strength, power, fitness, or any combination of the above.

As a TPI certified profession, Winn is trained to identify swing faults and help golfers eliminate their physical limitations and barriers, thus optimizing the golfer's ability to physically produce their most efficient golf swing possible. Swing faults may be caused by one or any combination of:

  • Lack of mobility
  • Poor Mechanics
  • Inability to separate upper and lower body motions
  • Poor kinematic sequency and motor control
  • Strength deficits
  • Poor segmental stabilization
  • Poor conditioning

What to Expect at the First Session:

Winn will take you through the Titleist Performance Institute 16-point physical screen to identify physical limitations affecting your golf swing. You will get a physical handicap score with a color-coded system identifying your movements with a grade of red flags, yellow flags, and green flags.

Then Winn will take a slow-motion video to perform a 12-point swing analysis and thorough evaluation to assess body mechanics, muscle activation patterns and golf-specific movements to better identify imbalances, physical limitations, and muscle weaknesses to find characteristics that could potentially be causing an injury or losing distance off the tee.

Next, Winn will use SuperSpeed Golf Training Clubs to get baseline swing speed numbers to assess your power as this is what will help you see results on the course.

Speed x Strength = Power. Winn will get baseline numbers to see how you compare to the norm. GolfWRX How Do You Compare?

Lastly, you will get a 4-week or 6-week personalized strength & flexibility exercise program catered specifically to address your unique limitations and enhance your golf performance.

What to Expect at Follow-Up Visits:

Follow-Up Visits can either be 1, 2 or 3 visits per week. Winn will assess your exercise program to make sure you are performing them correctly and either keep the same program, regress the exercises if they are too difficult or progress the program if the exercises are too easy. You will use our equipment to do specific golf exercises in the clinic that you might not have in the gym or at home to help improve your physical limitations. Winn will work with you on specific golf drills to improve your game.

If you want to become a better golfer, hit the ball straighter, longer, with more consistency and finish each round strong, this is the program for you! Request your golf evaluation today!

Common Golf Swing Faults

  • 64.3 % of players Lose Their Posture
  • 64.3% of players Early Extend
  • 55.9 % of players Cast or Early Release
  • 45.2 % of players have a Flat Shoulder Plane
  • 43.5 % of players are Over the Top
  • 38.5 % of players have a Reverse Spine
  • 37.2 % of players Sway
  • 35.6 % of players have a Chicken Wing
  • 33.1 % of players have C-Postures
  • 32.3 % of players Hang Back
  • 31.4 % of players Slide
  • 25.3 % of players have S-Postures

Do you want to know why you can't seem to make the swing changes your Golf pro wants? Are you tired of trying out the latest swing and not being able to do it without pain?

Do you want to know why it hurts you to golf when your friends don't seem to have a problem?

Based on research of the top PGA pros compared to amateur golfers, specific musculoskeletal limitations prevent golfers from reaching their full potential.

Certain physical limitations lead to chronic injuries that will take you out of the game and lessons.

Golf Statistics based on research by the Titleist Performance Institute

Benefits of a Golf Physical Evaluation

  1. Stream line your lessons: By knowing what physical limitations you have your golf pro can concentrate your time on the swing pattern that you are actually able to do.
  2. Prevent quitting the game due to injury: By not placing your body in positions and motions that you are not physically able to do repeatedly with out injury, you can continue to golf pain free.
  3. Recover quickly from an injury: By knowing what physical limitations that you have I can come up with a treatment plan as well as work with your golf pro to get you back to golf as quickly as possible.
  4. Progress more quickly and safely: By identifying which limitations are changeable and concentrating on improving those limitations through treatment or exercise, you will be more able to achieve the golf swing that you want without spending hours at the gym.
  5. Happier Golfer: Since you will be making more progress safely and quickly, you will play the game longer, pain free and better than ever before. Also you will know what it feels like to get the tour level treatment that all the top Titleist golf pros receive.
  6. Private access to your evaluation and videos of your personalized exercise program on the Titleist website.
  7. Find your Golf Fitness Handicap and how it compares to the PGA professionals.