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Welcome to Diamondback Physical Therapy!

Diamondback Physical Therapy provides complete general physical therapy care, with a specialty in athletic injury rehabilitation. The expert physical therapists at Diamondback Physical Therapy have first-hand experience in sports (including at a professional level), which provides a unique and ground-level perspective for designing the best sports-focused physical therapy programs - based on the goals of the athlete. Read more about our physical therapists here.



Physical Therapy

From auto accident injuries, workman’s comp accidents, age-related issues to repetitive motion problems, Diamondback Physical Therapy is the perfect choice to return patients to optimal daily living – pain free and even better than before commencing treatment! For example, Diamondback Physical Therapy provides medical bike fit programs to improve endurance and eliminate common physical problems, such as numbness in the feet, hands and saddle area, along with neck and low back pain. Learn more about Physical Therapy here.



Diamondback Physical Therapy has 2 convenient locations in the East Valley:


Queen Creek

Sports-Focused Physical Therapy

Diamondback Physical Therapy’s experienced physical therapists are committed to not only to rehabilitating athletic patients to optimal everyday function, but returning athletes to an improved and high level of competitive sports activity. Diamondback Physical Therapy provides extensive athletic rehabilitation and training - particularly in baseball mechanics and sports injury rehabilitation exercise. Learn more about our Sports-Focused Physical Therapy programs.



Patient Care

If you have questions about physical therapy services offered by Diamondback Physical Therapy, would like to know if your insurance plan is accepted or to schedule an appointment, contact Diamondback Physical Therapy today!